イスラム過激派の音楽(Nasyid – ナシード)集


Islamic State(イスラム国)等のイスラム過激派のプロパガンダ動画(処刑、戦闘)で使われている音楽(Nasyid – ナシード)集です。ジャンル的にはゴスペルに近い気がします。


鵜澤 佳史
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イスラム国(ISLAMIC STATE)のNASYID(ナシード) Avance Avance



イスラム国 テロリストが国家をつくる時
ロレッタ ナポリオーニ 池上 彰
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イスラーム国の衝撃 (文春新書)
池内 恵
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イスラム国(Islamic State)のNasyid(ナシード) Qariban Qariba


イスラム国(Islamic State)の映像で頻繁に用いられている曲です。


Soon, soon, you will see the wondrous sight….A fierce conflict and you will see.
In the heart of your abode, there shall be the battles…..for your destruction, my sword has been sharpened.

We have marched by night, to cut and behead…..By the knife of revenge, targeting those who deserve it.
With the specters of the night and the youth of terror…..and an explosion of woe, that he may be defeated.

You have begun to fight me, with the lost coalition…..So taste my fury, when it fires up.
For long shall you remain, in my war shall you lose…..With what shall you meet, a youth chanting the takbeer?

When the steed roams, raises its head, and leaps forth…..Thus it becomes a lighted blaze.
The bullets have blazed, and the revenge has come…..So where is the escape, O the most evil of the creatures?

Unto you we will come, with beheading and death…..With fright and silence, we will tear the bonds.
You have failed publicly, so taste the loss….and go back fleeing, a nightlong run.

When disbelief gets agitated, froths, and stirs up…..We fill the roads, with red blood;
By the stabbing of the bayonets, by the striking of the necks…..on the assembly of the dogs, when they marshal.

We have come, we have come; we have set off with determination…..In earnest we have proceeded, to the peak of the peaks.
We dive into deaths, we close the ranks…..We die standing, as lions of courage.

イスラム国 テロリストが国家をつくる時
ロレッタ ナポリオーニ 池上 彰
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イスラム国(Islamic State)のNasyid(ナシード) Ummaty Qad Laha Fajrun


英訳 :

“My Ummah, Dawn has appeared (loomed/begun to appear), so await the expected (manifest) victory,
The Islamic State has arisen by the blood of the righteous,
The Islamic State has arisen by the jihad of the pious,
They have offered their souls in righteousness with constancy and conviction,
So that the religion may be established, in which there is the law of the Lord of the Worlds.*

My Ummah, accept the good news, and don’t despair: victory is near.
The Islamic State has arisen and the dreaded might has begun.
It has arisen tracing out glory, and the period of setting** has ended,
By faithful men who do not fear warfare.
They have created eternal glory that will not perish or disappear.

My Ummah, God is our Lord, so grant your blood,
For victory will not return except by the blood of the martyrs,
Who have spent their time hoping for their Lord in the Abode of the Prophets.
They have offered their souls to God, and for the religion there is self-sacrifice.
The people of giving and granting are the people of excellence and pride.

My Ummah, accept the good news: the Sun of Steadfastness has risen.
Verily we have marched in masses for the hills: the time-honoured glory,
That we may return the light, faith and glorious might,
By men who have forsaken the dunya*** and attained immortality.
And have revived the Ummah of glory and the assured victory.”

イスラム国 テロリストが国家をつくる時
ロレッタ ナポリオーニ 池上 彰
売り上げランキング: 76,079